Within the update of a safety report we offer the following services:

  • Review of the site description and its environment and adaptation of changes
  • Review of the substance register and safety-relevant areas
  • Inspection of the plant technology (e.g. construction technology, mechanical equipment, electrical supply and process control technology, operating equipment and disposal system, protection zones).
  • Determination and analysis of the risks of incidents (operational sources of danger and preconditions for incidents, environmental sources of danger, traffic-related sources of danger, natural sources of danger, interference by unauthorised persons, measures to prevent incidents, determination of possible effects of incidents).
  • Limiting the effects of major accidents

Services of the principal:

  • Information regarding changes to the safety management system
  • Information regarding changes to the site and its environment (equipment list, current P&Is, process descriptions, facility descriptions).
  • Information regarding the substance register (substance list with quantities and hazard information, equipment list with maximum quantities)
  • Hazard source assessment or HAZOP with regard to the process technology with specification of the safety-related plant components (e.g. Z-circuits, safety valves), information regarding changes in environmental, traffic-related, natural and operational hazards.
  • Current fire protection report or information regarding possible changes, current explosion protection concept/document or information regarding possible changes, current information regarding water protection and environmental conditions (protection concepts regarding flood protection and earthquakes if applicable, heavy rain and wind loads).
  • Information regarding plant components and organisation for the prevention of incidents (e.g. alarm and hazard prevention plan, plant fire brigade, fire fighting, extinguishing water quantities, protection of personnel, information regarding release certificates and contractors, etc.).
  • Current dispersion calculations and KAS-18 expert opinion
  • current layout plans and R&Is, current zoning plans, current drainage plan, current fire brigade plans incl. emergency stops

Requirements for updating a safety report:

  • The price applies to a system with a total of 20 apparatuses with 10 different insert media and regular adjustments.
  • Noon-site appointment is scheduled as part of the processing (available as an additional service).
  • The coordination of the documents necessary for the processing and determination takes place by telephone or by e-mail.
  • The draft is also discussed by telephone or e-mail.
  • The necessary documents listed above (e.g. HAZOP, preparation of a list of substances with hazard characteristics, explosion protection concept, etc.) are not part of the present offer and the preparation shall be carried out by the Client, but can be offered as required in consultation with the Client.

Attention! Processing will not begin until the required documents have been received. Feel free to send them to us via the chat window below.

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