The preliminary assessment of the individual case is an instrument of the Environmental Impact Assessment Act (UVPG) and represents a rough assessment of whether a planned project may have significant environmental impacts on certain defined protection criteria. The requirements for which projects this assessment must be carried out and which assessment criteria and protection criteria must be taken into account are set out in the Annexes to the UVPG.

According to the UVPG, the competent authority must determine, on the basis of appropriate information on the project and its own information, whether an environmental impact assessment (EIA) is to be carried out for a project within the meaning of the UVPG. For certain projects which are expected to have only minor environmental impacts due to their nature or size, the law provides for a general or site-specific preliminary assessment of the individual case.

In the report on the preliminary assessment of the individual case, the impact area of the installation is defined, for which the site criteria of the UVPG are essentially examined. For the assessment of the criteria, the relevant information is researched and/or information and data are obtained from the competent authorities. If necessary, basic principles and results from other expert reports are included.

The possible impacts of the project are presented and assessed based on various criteria of the UVPG. A final statement is made as to whether significant adverse environmental effects are to be expected as a result of the project. The following information is required for processing:

  • Site address
  • Classification of the installation according to Annex 1 of the 4th BImSchV
  • Brief description of the type and scope of the planned project/installation (to be changed)
  • Information – as far as associated with the project – on emissions, water/waste water, waste and, if applicable, sealing of surfaces.

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