The “SIL classification of PCE protective devices” line includes the verification of the “Safety Integrity Level (SIL)” for a PCE protective device on the basis of statistical data of realised PCE protective devices.

Process plants in the chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries must be operated “safely”, as they have a high hazard potential for humans and the environment or can cause major damage to property. The development of appropriate protection concepts is a requirement anchored in the Major Accidents Ordinance. Process control technology (PCT) makes a significant contribution to plant safety with so-called PCT protection devices when process engineering means such as flameproof construction, mechanical relief devices such as safety valves or bursting discs are not applicable, not sufficient or uneconomical. We assess the risk to be covered by a process plant in accordance with DIN EN 61511 using the risk graph method established in VDI/VDE 2180.

This then results in a “Safety Integrity Level (SIL)” of between 1 and 4, depending on the level of risk to be covered. The results of the SIL classification of PCE protective devices are compiled in comprehensible documentation.

Noon-site appointment is scheduled as part of the processing (available as an additional service).

The discussion of the SIL classifications in the draft takes place by telephone or by e-mail.


The procurement of the documents specified in the specifications shall be carried out by the Client.

Support by the client

The client shall provide all documents required for the performance of the investigations in up-to-date form. The processing period of four weeks (28 days) shall not commence until all necessary documents have been handed over to horst weyer und partner gmbh.

Overview of the required documents

  • Current R+I flow diagrams
  • Process description
  • Fire protection concept (as far as relevant)
  • Explosion protection concept
  • Interlock matrix

Attention! Processing will not begin until the required documents have been received. Feel free to send them to us via the chat window below.

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