The subject of the service is the preparation of the explosion protection document refers to a plant with a maximum of 15 apparatus, containers and machines (for structure, see Annex) The structure is based on DGUV 113-001 (EX-RL E6) (see Annex) The substance data are taken from the common and generally accessible substance databases. The explosion protection document, including the risk assessment tables 1 to 3 (see appendix), is initially prepared in draft form on the basis of the documentation provided by the client. The draft is discussed with the client at the client’s site. At the same time, the qualified person inspects the plant. One working day (10 h) is planned for the journey to and from the site as well as the on-site discussion. If the arrival and departure cannot be carried out in one day, we will make you an individual offer. All additions resulting from the on-site meeting will be incorporated into the explosion protection document. The supplemented explosion protection document is sent to the client by e-mail for review. The explosion protection document is discussed by telephone. The final version of the explosion protection document with all the documents listed in the appendix is prepared on the basis of the telephone discussion. The explosion protection document is sent to the client by e-mail as a PDF file and on neutral paper as an MS Word file.


Prior to commencement of the work, a confidentiality agreement shall be signed by the client

Required documents of the client for the preparation of an explosion protection document

The following documents are required for the creation of the explosion protection document, which correspond to the actual state of the plant:

  • Explosion protection data for all ignitable substances, unless they can be determined from generally accessible substance databases.
  • Process flow diagrams / RI flow diagrams / layout plans
  • Process description
  • Technical data on the apparatus, containers and machines
  • Operating instructions / work instructions (exemplary)
  • Inspection certificates according to § 15 / § 16 BetrSichV (exemplary)

Attention! Processing will not begin until the required documents have been received. Feel free to send them to us via the chat window below.

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