The explosion protection document for a gas cylinder store includes:

  • Risk assessment according to § 6 (9) GefStoffV
  • Measures to avoid or restrict hazardous explosive mixtures / zoning
  • Measures to prevent the ignition of hazardous explosive mixtures by effective ignition sources
  • Measures for constructive explosion protection
  • Required labelling of the hazardous substance storage facility
  • Catalogue of measures: The explosion protection document reflects the target state of the plant. Deviations from the actual state and the resulting necessary measures are listed in the catalogue of measures, e.g. additions to operating instructions, initial training, inspection intervals, requirements for monitoring ventilation equipment if necessary.

Support by the client

For the purpose of efficient processing, the preparation of the explosion protection document must be supported by the client as follows:

  • Designation of a responsible contact person who is responsible for the client-internal compilation of the current documents and evidence
  • Provision of all necessary documents (see below)

The following documents are required for the explosion protection document for a gas cylinder store.

  • Documents on the technical equipment of the gas cylinder store, e.g. design and dimensions of the gas cylinder store.
  • Safety data sheets of the substances to be stored, details of the bottle size and details of the max. quantities stored
  • Layout plan for the gas cylinder store incl. surroundings
  • Ventilation concept, e.g. positioning and air flow rate
  • Operating instructions
  • Fire protection concept

Boundary conditions and exclusions

The stated fee is based on the following boundary conditions and exclusions

  • There is no on-site appointment (can be booked via the additional services).
  • No planning services for the implementation of the measures
  • No editing of drawings required
  • No construction and assembly supervision
  • No laboratory tests

Attention! Processing will not begin until the required documents have been received. Feel free to send them to us via the chat window below.
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