Within the preparation of expert reports to determine the appropriate safety distances for a tank farm for flammable liquids, we offer:

  • Determination of possible impacts on adjacent uses requiring protection
  • Consideration of the requirements according to Art. 13 Seveso III Directive
  • Consideration of the recommendations for a case-by-case assessment (in accordance with Chapters 3 and 4 of Guideline KAS-18 in conjunction with Chapter 1 KAS-32 of the Commission for Plant Safety).
  • Calculation of the heat radiation of a puddle fire (several available as additional power) with regard to the assessment limits for the period of the calculated exposure time at relevant receptor points
  • Consideration of existing documents (e.g. incident concept, safety report, measurement protocols) for the existing operating area as well as planning documents for the new facility.
  • Preparation of a plan showing the appropriate safety distance

As part of the processing of the expert opinion to determine the appropriate safety distances, no on-site appointment is scheduled (available as an additional service).

The coordination of the documents required for the processing and the determination of the representative scenarios takes place by telephone or by e-mail.

Note: The number of puddle fire scenarios required depends on the maximum operating overpressure in the pipelines of the tanks. Calculations must be carried out for different maximum pressures. The price of the expert opinion includes the calculation of one operating overpressure. If several overpressures are operated on your system, we will be happy to prepare an individual offer for calculating the appropriate safety distance. Please send us an individual enquiry using the button on the right. The draft of the expert opinion can also be discussed with the parties involved by telephone or e-mail. The determination and evaluation of any necessary compensation measures are not part of this offer, but can be provided as required in consultation with the client.


The procurement of the documents mentioned in the specifications (e.g. incident concept, measurement protocols) for the operating area shall be carried out by the client. Furthermore, we assume that with regard to the events on which the individual case assessment is to be based, the required information on accident-relevant substances and safety-relevant plant components can be taken from the documents and does not have to be determined by the Contractor.

Support by the client

The client shall provide all documents required for the performance of the investigations in up-to-date form. The processing period of four weeks (28 days) shall not commence until all necessary documents have been handed over to horst weyer und partner gmbh.

Overview of the required documents

  • Project description in the case of a planned change
  • Installation plan of the plant
  • Site plan with surroundings / cadastral plan
  • Maximum operating overpressure in the pipelines (e.g. pump pressure)
  • Representation of the pipeline route including representation of the size of the catchment areas/pipeline trenches
  • Consideration of a tank wagon/tanker emptying and/or a port jetty on demand

Attention! Processing will not begin until the required documents have been received. Feel free to send them to us via the chat window below.

The General Terms and Conditions of horst weyer und partner gmbh apply.