Safety valves are needed in almost every process plant. Proper sizing of safety relief valves is critical to the safety of process equipment. This applies both to the design for newly planned safety valves and to the recalculation of existing safety valves if blow-off quantities have changed compared to the original design or if structural changes are planned.

The aim of the calculation is to find out whether the respective safety valve is sufficiently dimensioned for the relevant blowdown case or to determine how the planned safety valve must be dimensioned for the blowdown case.

The requirements of API 520/API 521, or DIN EN ISO 4126-1 and DIN EN ISO 4126-10 are optionally taken into account when checking the safety valves.

The calculation of the safety valve includes the following essential points:

  • Preliminary discussion (online meeting, max. 1 h) to determine the relevant blow-off cases; price only applies to the calculation of max. 3 blow-off cases; further cases are offered separately (additional service).
  • Review of the submitted documents (isometrics, safety valve data sheets);
  • Carry out the calculation for 1 safety valve with an inlet source and an outlet line for a blow-off case (the pressure drop of the line is available or can be offered separately for calculation).

The documentation takes the form of a short report, there is no presentation.

Maximum one revision

Support by the client

The client shall provide all documents required for the performance of the investigations in up-to-date form. The processing period for the design of safety valves shall not commence until all necessary documents have been handed over to horst weyer und partner gmbh.

Overview of the required documents:

  • Current mass and energy balances (e.g. from process simulations)
  • Complete and up-to-date isometrics of the pipeline, alternatively true-to-scale 3D pipeline design in *.dwg-format
  • Process engineering process description, data sheets, media
  • Flow diagrams of the plant components to be considered
  • Safety reports as far as applicable
  • Documentation of the installed safety valves as far as applicable
  • Characterisation of the material flow in the blow-off case (volume flow, temperature, pressure, substances involved, material data for the substances involved)
  • Description of the scenarios to be investigated
  • Conditions at the outlet of the blow-off pipe

Boundary conditions and exclusions

The fee quoted is based on the following boundary conditions and exclusions:

  • There is no on-site appointment.
  • Single-phase calculation; two-phase calculations please request separately
  • No scenarios are calculated that involve exothermic reactions
  • The results are handed over as a short report, there is no presentation
  • No editing of drawings required
  • Occurring substances are contained in the internal database
  • The calculation is based on standard installations

Processing will not begin until the required documents have been received. Feel free to send them to us via the chat window below.

The General Terms and Conditions of horst weyer und partner gmbh apply.