The preparation of the R+I flowsheet based on DIN EN ISO 10628-Part 1 and Part 2 includes:

  • R+I flow diagram based on DIN EN ISO 10628-Part 1, Figure A.6 / page 18
  • Number of main apparatuses and aggregates is limited to one process unit per flow diagram to ensure readability and representation of all details
  • Number of material flows limited to max. 20
  • Optional creation of an equipment/aggregate list in Excel instead of an equipment/aggregate list in the flow diagram.
  • Delivery of the R+I flow diagram in electronic form (pdf or/and dwg file)
  • Maximum one revision
  • Delivery time approx. 2 weeks

Support by the client

For the purpose of efficient processing, the preparation of the R+I flow chart must be supported by the AG as follows:

  • Appointment of a responsible contact person who is responsible for the client-internal compilation of the current documents.
  • Provision of all necessary documents (see below)
    The following documents are required for the preparation of the R+I flow diagram:
  • Specification of the flow diagram in the form of a sketch
  • Designation of all main equipment parts with their design data
  • Material flows or pipelines with the desired information in the flow diagram, such as nominal widths, pipe class, etc.

Boundary conditions and exclusions

The fee quoted is based on the following boundary conditions and exclusions:

  • There is no on-site appointment unless this is selected as an additional service
  • No planning services for the implementation of the measures
  • No preparation of R+I flow diagrams that are to contain information beyond that specified in the above-mentioned standard. If additional information is to be included, an individual surcharge can be specified for this.
  • The offer price refers in each case to a R+I flow diagram

Processing will not begin until the required documents have been received. Feel free to send them to us via the chat window below.

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