Become a network partner

Many service providers are faced with the challenge of keeping their staff busy so that as many working hours as possible are covered by customer orders. So the question is, how can you increase utilisation without neglecting day-to-day business? The answer is Engineering Match. Find out about your options here and become a network partner today.

By using a previously unused distribution channel, you can reach people who were not aware of you before. Like-minded people meet via the online marketplace Engineering Match. Network partners can present your company and services via a new channel and thus generate additional orders. Users now have the opportunity to compare suitable partners – even for more complex services – quickly and efficiently.

The core of the marketplace are the services posted by the network partners and their diversity. It is crucial that the service text corresponds to a conventional offer and must also fulfil its requirements.

One of the frequently asked questions from potential network partners is therefore: “My offers are always individual, how is that supposed to be covered by a generally valid offer text?

Our answer to this is: Certainly, all offers are specifically tailored to the individual customer. Nevertheless, there are some services in the industrial sector that always have a similar scope and do not vary greatly in price. This is because the big difference in the same service is not the activity of the service provider but the initial situation of the customer, whereupon the service provider adapts to the customer. Possible customer wishes, such as additional on-site appointments, can still be realised and offered, for example, as an additional service. In this way, users can put together the desired service individually.

Furthermore, network partners themselves set how much time they expect to need to complete the service. In this way, you can precisely manage your productivity and capacities, save time and do not have to wait for your clients’ documents.

The further procedure

Let’s assume you are already a network partner and have now set up your first service and already received an order. How do you proceed now? In general, this is up to you. You can start working immediately and get in touch with the user. However, we recommend the following procedure so that you can get the maximum benefit from Engineering Match.

You only start working on the project when the user has provided the necessary documents via the platform and thus avoid having to repeatedly ask the client and unnecessarily prolonging the project duration. The required documents should be communicated to the user as a list in the service description so that it is immediately clear what is needed to fulfil the service. The fact that you will not start work until you have received all the documents should also be made clear here. The user:in sends the documents to the network partner:in via the platform. Now you start your work, coordinate with the client as usual and issue an invoice at the end. In doing so, you do not bear any increased risk compared to the conventional commissioning.

The prices

For network partners, a monthly usage fee is only charged after a trial period of 6 months for Engineering Match. This becomes cheaper the more services you offer:

Number of servicesFee from the 7th month
≤ 5 Services34 € monthly (net)
≥ 6 services24 € monthly (net)

If a network partner sells a service, a sales commission of 3 % of the order value is due. This is also due for sales during the test period. As a network partner, you will receive a corresponding monthly invoice.

The comparison

An advertisement in a magazine, e.g. in CITplus, costs: € 4,820 for ½ page (Media data 2021). The magazine with your ad appears once and reaches a limited number of people. The recipients hardly change, so you always address the same people if you book several advertisements.

With Engineering Match you pay a basic fee of a maximum of 34 € per month, whereby the first 6 months are free. If you only take the basic fee into account, you could use our marketplace for 148 months (incl. the test phase) for the same amount of advertising costs.

This equates to just over 12 years of using Engineering Match compared to an advert in a trade magazine.

The conclusion

The diversity of network partners and their services on the platform creates cross-selling. Different network partners benefit from each other without having to advertise themselves or maintain an elaborate website. Because apart from the basic fee and the commission, there are no further costs for network partners, so that everyone always has an optimal overview.

Engineering Match is not the optimal solution for every client. Some customers do not want to do without personal advice from their trusted contact person. However, some customers also want a low-cost, simple and transparent process without a lot of fuss. Especially with a view to the future, we are noticing a tendency towards concepts like these. Try Engineering Match and see for yourself.

Please contact us if you would like to become a Network Partner and need further information. If you are already sure that you would like to become a Network Partner, you can simply create your first service. Before we release it, we will send you the user contract in which all details are explained again. After sending the signed version, you will be activated as a network partner and can start directly.

You can reach us by telephone at +49 2421 – 69 09 40 per e-mail at or via our contact form:

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