What is Engineering Match?

Engineering Match is a new online platform for highly qualified engineering and consulting services. The virtual marketplace offers you the opportunity to outsource your projects to external engineers and technical specialists – either partially or completely.

Experience shows that not every project in the engineering and assessment of industrial plants requires a completely new solution. While every industrial plant is unique, the methodology used to design and assess them is repetitive. Engineering Match offers a platform for services in the industrial environment, for whose pricing and processing the methodology is decisive and not plant specifics.

With Engineering Match, we have the possibility to offer our services at a fixed price and to provide our users a better overview of the costs incurred.

Advantages as a user

  • Cost-effective processing
  • Direct comparability of providers
  • No waiting period until the offer is submitted
  • Clear processing requirements

Advantages as a network partner

  • No quotation effort
  • Efficient use of processing capacity
  • Uninterrupted processing

When work steps are automated and standardized, the quality of services certainly suffers, doesn’t it?

No, it is quite the opposite. In the engineering and consulting industry, writing quotations for customers usually involves quite a lot of work for them.

Engineering Match significantly streamlines non-specialist tasks such as quoting, ordering and payment processing to the benefit of both parties.

In the traditional consulting business, it is very difficult to complete projects without interruption due to delays in the provision of planning documents, so that repeated training unnecessarily increases costs and completion times. This is counteracted at Engineering Match with clear “rules of the game”, for example on the scope and time of delivery of the planning documents.

As a result, the experts can concentrate fully on the technical issues.

Who is behind Engineering Match?

Engineering Match was launched by the weyer group. The weyer group is a group of companies in the field of process engineering plant design and plant safety with over 170 long-lasting employees in Germany, Austria, Poland and Switzerland. Every year, the weyer group implements more than 1,000 customer projects in the chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, supply, and disposal industries, as well as for associations and public authorities.
Engineering Match draws on decades of experience in execution.

Find out more about the weyer group here.

Can I contact my expert despite the online processing?

Despite online processing, we naturally rely on reliable customer service. With weyer group services, customers can meet the responsible project manager by video conference if they wish and still have the opportunity to call, ask questions and talk in person.

Ask the individual providers about the contact options they provide. These are up to each provider, so there may be different offers here.

However, the standardized and customer-oriented processing via Engineering Match considerably reduces the coordination effort on the customer and provider side.

This is the cost advantage that the provider is happy to pass on to its customers.

Will my data and documents be kept confidential?

Yes. Confidentiality, customer protection and customer loyalty are enormously important to us and take top priority alongside the quality of the providers’ elaboration. You are welcome to contact the individual provider for more detailed information on this.

Engineering Match meets the requirements of the German Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) as well as the necessary level of confidentiality to protect the know-how of all parties involved. You can view the platform’s terms and conditions here.

If you have further questions about the processing, we recommend that you contact the individual provider and find out more about it.

I have never heard of a concept like this.

That’s because Engineering Match is a novelty in the engineering and consulting industry. We are constantly trying to optimise our services and keep the effort for our clients as low as possible. Engineering Match is an innovation that allows us to achieve these two goals.